Acquisition of Novii Armaturnii Zavod

Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH was founded to provide simple and comprehensive engineering solutions to clients in numerous industries such as those in the chemical, oil & gas, material refining, building automation, pipeline and power industries. We cater to clients in the European Union, Russia, Austria, China, Vienna, the United States and Serbia. With a passion to do and provide more, we are proud to announce the acquisition of Noviy Armaturnii Zavod.

Noviy Armaturnii is a major plant in Tula, Russia that specializes in the production of commodity valves. With a passion for giving its clients the best products, relatable goals and a focus on exceeding client satisfaction, this acquisition was a natural and unique alignment with the same of Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH. This small step will enable us to make major leaps in the near future and provide a host of products, services and solutions to our clients, both new and old.

The acquisition will enable us to provide tailor-made commodity valves to a multitude of clients around the world, allowing them to acquire the parts and services they need to service their old industry equipment. Augmenting their current processes by integrating the knowledge and expertise possessed at Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH, this acquisition will bring us closer to our vision of becoming the best provider of engineering solutions in the world.

We know our employees will be just as proud as we are of this acquisition and will work with support and zeal to ensure a smooth transition and an enhanced production line at the newly acquired plant. We look forward to your continued support and are ready to provide a greater range of products, services and solutions to an even bigger and broader client base.

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