It’s all about trust

Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH provides individual solutions for our clients regardless of which industry they belong to. We are keen to find the best possible solution for the challenge faced by your organization. We make sure that we gain your trust, because it’s the most valuable aspect of a ‘client-service provider’ relationship.

As your service providers, we help you reach your goals by devising smart engineering solutions. Our company offers a range of services related to utility, power, hydro power plants, oil refineries, chemical, petrochemical, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants.

We posses a broad team, professionals and experts in the field of industrial engineering. Our team of high-qualified engineersis made up of people who have the winning combination of technical knowledge, professionalism and experience.

We provide you with a 24/7-service department, ready to answer on any of your requests. In case of an emergency, our service team arrives to the facility within 72 hours, no matter where it is located.

Fully equipped and ready to solve the issue, our service team provides on-site training of your personnel. Warranty extension is also available on the range of all of our products.

Our location in Central Europe, allows us to stay in touch with the latest trends and technologies in almost every sector of the heavy industry. Because Vienna represents a multi-cultural place, we are able to work hand in hand with a diverse multicultural team of experts who bring their experience to the projects we undertake. This enables us to give our clients wished results. Our multicultural network of partners gives us the chance to understand the mindset of our suppliers as well as our clients and therefore give them the best possible services and products.

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