Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH was founded to give you the best products and engineering solutions. We deal in all kinds of products, ranging from Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Chemical Factories, Refineries, Building Automations and Power Stations. We are based in Vienna, Austria and provide services all over the world, including Russia, Serbia, China, USA and the European Union.

Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH is unique as we provide tailor-made solutions for each one of our clients. Every project gets special attention and that means that each client in their respective industry will get the best applicable product developed and produced for their specific industry.


Our Primary Advantages

– Provision of complex supplies of pipeline accessories for power plants- boiler areas (including gas and heavy oil fittings)

– Turbine area (vacuum valves)

– General station valves(thermal stations, chemical plants)

We offer pipeline accessories of any individual parameters, necessary for the customer. The production of the valves is accurately calculated and manufactured on an individual basis for a certain facility.

Currently we concentrate on the production of valves for oil/gas/petrochemical sector.

– Exclusive high quality of products, which allow our customer to reduce costs.

– A wide diversification of our organization.

– A separate service department, which provides installation supervision, supervision, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

Because of our wide network of experts, Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH provides the latest news and consulting services in the engineering sector. Due to our convenient location in Vienna, Austria, which gives us a certain advantage over our competitors in the heavy industry.

Our Guarantee

We have established our mission outline that stands for our brand statement, ‘No compromise on quality’. Staying in-line with the trend of the heavy industry market, we evolve our engineering knowledge, to satisfy the demands of our clients, through every process with regards to product marketing, engineering, manufacturing, planning and service, and staying up to date 24/7 with our customer.

Our mission statement serves as a set of guidelines that each and every member of Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH follows on a daily basis. This guarantees an individual approach to every customer. Quality always find it’s consumer, that’s why we have a continuous flow of satisfied clients. Communication is also an important factor, that’s why Vapor Engineering & Service GmbH is active on most social media platforms.